• Tammi Relyea, Founder, WO3

Are you feeling disconnected?

Hello there! This is Tammi, Founder of WO3. I want to check in with you! If you're feeling disconnected these days, honestly, I am too! Why? We need each other! As women we are at our best both physically and mentally when we feel a sense of community -- a sisterhood!

Tammi Relyea, Founder, WO3

We are more isolated in our homes and day-to-day lives, but we can't give up! Sometimes days are more challenging than others, but it's so important that we find ways to encourage and support one another! I would like to take this opportunity to share with you a blog series I started with my own company called "Women In Charge.", which dedicated to celebrating women and their achievements.

We all have our own stories and come from different backgrounds therefore, I believe there is ALWAYS something we can learn about and be inspired by each other!

I would like to introduce you to an EXTRAORDINARY WOMAN Desiree Maya, Co-Founder of Blissful Fortitude, Keynote Speaker and Co-host of the Podcast Bliss Beyond Fear. Her passion is to support women through their own journey to have confidence, embrace self worth and find joy!

At the young age of nine, Desiree's childhood was changed forever. Her journey into womanhood left her having to pick up the pieces of her life one step at a time.

To be vulnerable takes courage and honesty. Desiree is an inspiring example of how vulnerability creates connection in building a strong sisterhood and necessary for our own personal growth!


MEET DESIREE MAYA, Co-Founder Blissful Fortitude, Personal Coach & Mentor

Desiree Maya, Co-Founder of Blissful Fortitude

What inspired you to become a personal coach and mentor?

Eleven years ago at 26 years old, as part of my role as a consulting manager, I started coaching consultants on achieving their performance goals and providing mentorship to emerging leaders. I noticed that the most fulfilling parts of our conversations were much bigger than career goals. It was the tough topics of relationships, purpose, change, and transition that deeply intrigued me. I was inspired by their stories of resilience and overcoming difficulties and roadblocks. As a result, I decided to immerse myself in a coaching program in 2016 to become an International Coach Federation (ICF) Certified Coach. When my high school counselor told me I was destined to help people, I now know this was how. Today, it is a privilege that I get to coach and mentor amazing individuals to transform into the phenomenal humans they're destined to be by helping to unlock the magic within them and eliminate the old stories they've held on to.

"I saw all my friends growing up with their dads celebrating life's greatest moments and felt a hole in my heart...I struggled with infidelity and alcoholism in my marriage."

We've all had challenges in our lives. Would you share what those setbacks were that fueled you to fully embrace your own self-worth?

My father died when I was 9 years old.  He had a stroke and despite his fighting spirit, after brain surgery, a blood clot developed and he did not make it. I was devastated. As an immigrant to America from the Philippines who established himself as a dedicated servant in the US Army and an accomplished insurance broker, he inspired me with his incessant drive. I saw all my friends growing up with their dads celebrating life's greatest moments and felt a hole in my heart. He has never been replaced, but his spirit has been the fuel to every tough decision I have ever made in my life. I ask myself what advice he'd give me if he were here and his grace guides me. 

The other major disappointment I experienced was getting a divorce at a young age. I was juggling a new marriage and a blossoming career. I lacked work-life balance and struggled to deal with infidelity and alcoholism in my marriage. I made the decision to walk away from a 10 year relationship. I had no earthly clue what I would do next including not knowing where I was going to live and did not even have a vehicle. I battled self-worth, self-confidence, and achieving joy. When I picked up the pieces to my life, I found empowerment in healing, renewing, and self-discovery. I am not my past stories, but they've helped me to embrace my worth and be grateful for the blessings along my journey.

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