Meet Sharon Hadden, WO3 Executive Committee, Founder, Content Planning Co.

Sharon L. Hadden is the founder of Content Planning Company and creator of Digital Content Academy, where she helps women in business save time and money on content creation through virtual coaching and online courses. For over 8 years, Sharon has helped small businesses and corporations leverage the power of content marketing, and now, she’s proud to manage a company focused on helping women show up and share their brilliance online, consistently and without overwhelm.

Sharon holds a master’s in Integrated Marketing Communications from West Virginia University, and prior to working in Silicon Valley tech, she served as Public Affairs Specialist for the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as Managing Editor for regional divisions of Natural Awakenings Magazine.

A writer first, by passion and profession, Sharon is an advocate for women’s economic empowerment and strongly believes putting more women in positions of power and entrepreneurship is essential to global economic growth. She joins the WO3 movement to shed light on the untapped economic potential of female entrepreneurs and help close the gap between low-revenue companies and million-dollar businesses led by women.