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Meet Elizabeth Thorn, WO3 Executive Committee, Co-Founder & Creative Director, Sherpa Way Marketing

Mafae Belasco

Elizabeth Thorn is a writer, traveler, and entrepreneur with experience in content creation and consulting for brands around the world. As the Co-Founder & Creative Director of Sherpa Way Marketing, she is passionate about helping others learn how to use digital skills and strategies to build not only their businesses, but their dream lives. While she’s originally from Texas, her personal and professional journey have taken her from Los Angeles to Thailand and all the way over to Colombia, Spain, and even Indonesia.

After failing at her first business at the age of 26, she used the lessons she learned to create a digital agency focused on creating content and strategies that help ensure others don’t experience the same failure. She’s passionate about learning, growing, and understanding how consciousness and creativity intersect in business to allow people to do really amazing things. While her main focus is on scaling Sherpa Way Marketing, she is an active writer, photographer, and budding speaker. She has had the chance to write for outlets such as Lonely Planet, Matador Network, and Stub Hub, and participates in conversations with other like-minded females and entrepreneurs around the world.

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