Meet Ginamarie Cornelius, Co- Founder, Blissful Fortitude

Ginamarie Cornelius is the Co-founder of Blissful Fortitude, a keynote speaker, and co-host of the Bliss Beyond F.E.A.R (Faith, Elevate, Action, Results) Podcast.

As a mentor and life advocate, Ginamarie is committed to helping people go from feeling helpless to whole. As a part of that mission, she uses over thirty years of trials, tribulations, losses, and reinvention to provide inspiration to all that she touches. As a widowed mother of eight homeschooled girls,

If anyone knows how to organize time and get through busy days, she is THE expert. Ginamarie’s infectious energy, positive attitude, optimism, and determination drives all that she does. Her non-judgemental and nurturing approach builds trust with her clients and makes way for them to have faith not only in others but more importantly, in themselves. As a successful business owner, she has worked with thousands of people and impacted so many lives.

Ginamarie resides in Brentwood, California with her beautiful daughters. She has a love for the Lord, her family, wine, dancing, and life!

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