T A M M I   R E L Y E A

Founder, WO3 and BRA-sériē

What's Tammi's Why? "Women-owned businesses bring so much value to our society. Although we are moving in the right direction, there's much more we can do. We need to be consciously aware of opportunities to help one another - our history shows us that when we work together, there's nothing we can't accomplish!" 

E X E C U T I V E   C O M M I T T E E 


What's Amanda's Why? "I believe women are the backbone of every community around the world.  There is growing evidence that shows that when we support woman-owned businesses we are increasing economic stability in the families and communities. Women do so much to reinvest in their community, family and education."

S H A N N O N   C A R T E R 

What's Shannon's Why? "As I business-owner for over 20 years, I know first-hand the challenges many other women-owned businesses face. I've learned so much through my own journey and have always felt compelled to give back and support other women along the way."

J O A N N A   C L A R K

Pediatric Sleep Expert
Blissful Baby Sleep Coaching

What's Joanna's Why? "As a graduate from an all women’s college, a mother of a teen daughter, and an entrepreneur dedicated to helping mothers in my role as a pediatric sleep consultant, I am passionate about partnering, promoting and supporting female-owned businesses. Every day, women business owners are making a difference using our own unique talents."

S H A R O N   H A D D E N

What's Sharon's Why? "While women-owned businesses bring in trillions of dollars of revenue each year, there's still so much work to be done to close the gap between low-revenue companies and million-dollar businesses led by women. This tells me the economic potential of women entrepreneurs is still largely untapped, and that's something I want to fix."

T R I C I A   P I Q U E R O

Publisher, 110º Magazine

What's Tricia's Why? "Every day I see the extraordinary work of female-owned businesses and how much they give back to their communities. As an active community member, I'm proud to do more to help advocate the importance of women-owned businesses." 

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