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Tammi - Headshot.png

Founder, WO3 and BRA-sériē

What's Tammi's Why? "Women-owned businesses bring so much value to our society. Although we are moving in the right direction, there's much more we can do. We need to be consciously aware of opportunities to help one another - our history shows us that when we work together, there's nothing we can't accomplish!" 

E X E C U T I V E   C O M M I T T E E 

Mafae Belasco_edited_edited.jpg


What's Mafae's Why?  "Helping and uplifting others, especially women who need the support to bloom, is what drives me every day. As a mompreneur (mom of six!) and former beauty queen, I enjoy being able to share my life lessons and engage in opportunities where I can make a  difference. Women-owned businesses are such a vital asset within communities around the globe. I’m thrilled to be part of the WO3 movement, which inspires women (and men too!) to partner, promote and support female-owned businesses."

Tiffany James

Digital Creator, goKnowWear

Global Fashion Media '22. IFA Paris

What's Tahira's Why? "As someone who seeks to disrupt traditional media with stories from people who are historically overlook, joining WO3's Executive Committee, which advocates for women to be seen, heard and supported, falls directly in with my professional and personal work. Women still face significant challenges to their success, and the best way to change that is through uplifting and empowering one another; learning growing and healing together."


Pediatric Sleep Expert
Blissful Baby Sleep Coaching

What's Joanna's Why? "As a graduate from an all women’s college, a mother of a teen daughter, and an entrepreneur dedicated to helping mothers in my role as a pediatric sleep consultant, I am passionate about partnering, promoting and supporting female-owned businesses. Every day, women business owners are making a difference using our own unique talents."

T I F F A N Y  J A M E S

Encouragement Coach, Author & Founder of Encouraging Touch Enterprise

What's Tiffany's Why? "Being an encouragement coach, I am often in many diverse circles where I hear women say, "women do not support other women." My response is always the same, "what can we do to change it?" We must understand that we are not in competition with each other, but we complement each other because greatness honors greatness. I am committed to supporting, collaborating, and empowering women in business. I've witnessed first-hand what women can accomplish when we build each other up." 

Elizabeth Headshot Feb 2022 copy.jpg

D E S I R E E   M A Y A

What's Desiree's Why? "As a transformational life coach and performance improvement consultant, it's my heart's passion to help women have confidence, embrace their worth and find their joy. WO3's mission is in complete alignment with my passion. Joining forces so we can partner, promote, and support one another inspires me to be a woman of servant leadership. Together, we are making a tremendous impact on entrepreneurship, our economy, and the communities we serve. The best part is that we're having a blast doing it!"

E L I Z A B E T H  T H O R N

Co-Founder & Creative Director

Sherpa Way Marketing

What's Elizabeth's Why?  "As a female business owner and storyteller, it is my belief that there is magic at the intersection of our vulnerability and entrepreneurial pursuits. As women, we all have stories worthy of being told, and it is my mission to help women around the world tap into their stories and lean into the vulnerability that is sharing them with others. WO3’s mission to help women feel connected to each other is completely in alignment with my beliefs and am honored to be a part of this community and the effort to help women everywhere achieve their dreams."

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