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What is WO3?

WO3 is a grass-roots movement dedicated to supporting women-owned businesses in three ways:

Partner, Promote, and Support.


Our mission is to inspire women from all backgrounds to join together for ONE DAY  each year to support ANY

woman-owned/female-led business. Imagine  the positive impact we can make with a little effort and collective intention?  Join us Saturday, March 30, 2024.

Why Should I Participate?

Impacts Communities
There is evidence that shows that when we support woman-owned businesses, we are increasing economic stability in their families and communities they live in. Women are more likely to reinvest their profits in their community, family and education. 

Access to Funding Is Still Challenging
The COVID-19 pandemic has touched every part of our society. According to the World Economic Forum, "from a business standpoint it has fallen disproportionately on women entrepreneurship and ethnically diverse entrepreneurs and small business owners." Although female-owned businesses continue to increase, the revenue disparity due to limited access to funding, is still quite large.  

Let's Put Our Words Into Action
Women-owned businesses are becoming the core of our global economy. Our deliberate action and financial support are critical to helping them thrive!


How Do I Participate?

Sign-up to let us know you are participating. Don't worry, we'll send you reminders before the event.

On March 30, 2024, go and support ANY woman-owned business or service. YOU decide the amount! YOU decide who and how you want to support. 

Your participation in WO3 is also about YOU! The spirit of giving builds long-lasting inner joy for happier lives. Now that's a "win-win!"

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