Here's some fun ways to
show your support!


  • Look for opportunities to partner with woman-owned businesses professionally and personally! What a great opportunity to show your colleagues, friends and family your commitment to collaborating with other women and furthering each other's economic growth.


  • For the entire month of March, promote your favorite woman-owned businesses on your social media groups and encourage your community to support them on March 28, 2020. 

  • If you are a business owner, introduce to your customers via your blog, business Facebook and/or Instagram other female-owned businesses in your area that they may not be aware of! 

  • Think about promoting other female-owned businesses in other industries such as in construction, sports, personal coaching, health and wellness, housekeeping, beauty, non-profits, etc.   


  • Mindful Spending: Consider allocating a portion of your purchases specifically to supporting woman-owned businesses throughout the year. 

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