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Guilt-Free & Gentle Sleep Coaching

Easy Bedtimes, Peaceful Nights,
Reliable Naps & Confident Parenting 

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Meet Joanna!

  • Recognized as a Top U.S. Pediatric Sleep Consultant by Tuck

  • 13 years experience as a trained and certified Gentle Sleep Coach®

  • Over 5,000 family members enjoying beautiful, blissful sleep

  • 3x contributing Author in #1 International Amazon best-selling series

  • 3x Winner of Red Tricycle’s “Most Awesome” Award

  • Featured frequently in the Media and Podcasts


    Hello there, I’m Joanna Clark, Founder of Blissful Baby Sleep Coaching and one of the first 50 Certified Gentle Sleep Coaches® in the United States. I’ve spent the past decade helping thousands of families achieve easy bedtimes, peaceful nights, reliable naps, confident parenting and a harmonious household.


It’s been my mission to ensure that no parent endures the exhaustion, overwhelm, and self-doubt because they have a child that does not sleep through the night.


As a former sleep-deprived parent, I know exactly how frustrating and isolating it feels to want what’s best for your child and yet, can’t solve the sleep struggles.

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