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Designer Bra Straps

Your solution to unattractive bra straps!


What is BRA-serie?

A passionate, energetic and visionary mom-preneur, Tammi Relyea is on a mission: it’s time to reinvent the bra strap!


After hearing many women ask, “What do I do with these boring bra straps?” Tammi saw the need to evolve the bra strap from a functional necessity into a stylish fashion accessory.


In 2017, she launched her first lines -- the Black Box, Grey Box and Neutral Box Collections -- introducing women across the United States to her innovative brand called BRA-serie featuring stylish interchangeable bra straps from dainty to daring. 


Prior to launching BRA-serie, Tammi spent over a decade in the non-profit sector raising funds for abused and neglected children. Her professional career also includes working in entertainment advertising and graphic design studios. 


Through BRA-serie -- a business operated by women, for women -- Tammi’s mission is to create a global company that inspires personal expression and promotes a positive self image for women of all ages.

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