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How I Celebrated WO3 Day!

Desiree Maya, Born Unbreakable

Wow, it was an action packed WO3 Day! What is WO3 Day? It’s a grassroots movement dedicated to supporting women-owned businesses in 3 ways: Partner, Promote, Support. Each year, on the last Saturday of March (Women’s History Month), we come together by taking action to support any woman-owned/female-led business.

I eagerly anticipate WO3 Day! Here's how I contributed this year:

Podcast Featured Guest I released an interview on the Born Unbreakable Podcast Show with Elmeisha Fahrner, Owner and Pastry Chef of Paper Rock Fork. She is an innovative creator in the kitchen and her delectable desserts will delight you! Check out Elmeisha’s interview here: Episode 168 - Paper, Rock, Fork. In this episode, Elmeisha shares the candid ups and downs of entrepreneurship. You will be inspired by her perseverance, encouraged by her genuine approach to personal and professional growth, and uplifted by her joyous spirit. If you are in the Castro Valley area of Northern California (bay area), reach out to her:

Retail Support

I also supported some of my favorite women-owned businesses:

Evolve Kickbox and Fitness I bought new gear and took a Full Throttle Boot Camp strength and endurance class. Evolve has been integral to my health and fitness journey. Shout out to owner, Candace McCutcheon for her dedication to creating an incredible fitness community.

BRA-sériē My dear friend Tammi Relyea is the founder of BRA-sériē. Tammi’s innovation has transformed the boring bra strap into a stylish fashion accessory where you can find styles from dainty to daring. I had to buy myself new bra straps for this Spring season!

Melinda Maria Jewelry This my #1 jewelry obsession. Melinda Maria is an L.A. based jewelry designer who brings the world affordable luxury! Her pieces are stunning and stylish and can be worn with casual, classy, and sassy outfits. I bought a few of her latest trending pieces.

Online Reviews Finally, I completed online reviews for local Las Vegas businesses that I enjoy like Café Lola This is an easy thing that you can do for your favorite women-owned businesses. This is a simple task, is free to do, and the effort goes a long way.

I encourage you to join the WO3 movement! Visit to learn more, stay connected and receive reminders about the next WO3 Day It's joyful initiative we all can get behind! Encourage others to join with you and build the momentum for next year!


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