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Meet Desiree Maya - Founder, Born Unbreakable, WO3 Executive Committee

Desiree Maya is the Founder of Born Unbreakable, a keynote speaker, a six-figure earner, and host of the Born Unbreakable Podcast. With 15+ years of entrepreneurial experience, she successfully challenges and inspires people to take action and believe in themselves as a part of designing a life and profession that they truly love. Desiree has taken years of setbacks, disappointments, and successes and uses them to fuel powerful, yet simple lessons that will help anyone face their fears, crush their self-limiting beliefs, and embrace their uniqueness.

As a performance improvement consultant, certified coach, and change management expert, Desiree applies systems and processes that keep her clients on track. With a degree in Political Science and Healthcare and Social issues, she is well-versed and able to tackle the issues that plague our society today and has a kind, nurturing approach to helping people set goals and get to where they want to be. With health and wellness, fitness, and fun being at her core, she incorporates intentional work-life balance every single day and shares it openly with her clients as a way to connect. Desiree currently resides in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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