Meet Joanna Clark, WO3 Executive Committee, Founder, Blissful Baby Sleep Coaching

Sleep matters…to everyone! Joanna Clark of Blissful Baby Sleep Coaching  is on a mission to ensure that no parent endures the agony of sleep-deprivation, overwhelm, and relentless questioning of their self-worth as a parent because they have a child that does not sleep through the night or take good naps.

As a parent who has experienced this agony first-hand, Joanna knows exactly how frustrating and isolating it feels to want what’s best for their child and yet, can no longer tolerate living in a confused and sleep-deprived haze.

As a trained and Certified Gentle Sleep Coach, ℠ Joanna expertly guides families with children newborn to 6 years of age, through her guilt-free, minimal tears, gentle sleep coaching process that results in easy, drama-free bedtimes, peaceful nights, reliable naps, confident parenting, and more harmonious household. 

Joanna has devoted nearly a decade helping over 1000 families—literally thousands of individuals—achieve restful sleep and restore balance to their lives.

Joanna is proud to be recognized as one of the Top 200 Sleep Consultants in the US by Tuck and Joanna is a contributing author in the #1 International Amazon Best Sellers, The One Thing Every Mom Needs to Know as well as The One Thing Every Mompreneur Needs To Know. As a tenured graduate of the Gentle Sleep Coach℠ program, Joanna is trained in the most comprehensive and professional baby and child sleep coaching certification program currently available. Joanna’s work has been recognized by countless blogs, podcasts, websites and family magazines the world over.  With her customized approach and science-backed signature process, Joanna Clark of Blissful Baby Sleep Coaching can help any family get where they want to be: well-rested! Sleep is Bliss, Let’s Get You More!