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Meet Raymond Eshaghian, Founder, Amazing Women Stories, WO3 Executive Committee

Raymond Eshaghian is a recognized business leader and innovator based in California, boasting a remarkable track record of over 35 years in the real estate and financial sector. Raymond is the CEO of Greenbox Loans, Inc. which is a national wholesale lender providing alternative lending options for home buyers.

Raymond's commitment to social responsibility is reflected in his involvement as a board member of t.lo,khe Mexican American Bar Association – Political Action Committee (MABA-PAC). He takes pride as being the founder and President of the LAPD Youth Foundation, where he worked diligently to steer inner-city youth away from lives of crime and gang membership.

Raymond is actively engaged with professional associations and organizations that support women empowerment. He is a state sponsor and member of California Women’s Council of Realtors and the National Association of Real Estate Hispanic Professionals (NAHREP). He is an unwavering feminist whose life is driven by a passion for empowering women, and is also the host of a groundbreaking show, Amazing Women's Stories, that celebrates women and their leadership backgrounds. Raymond has become a powerful voice in the movement to promote gender equality and encourage women to embrace their full potential.


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