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Meet Tiffany James - Storyteller and Founder, Encouraging Touch Enterprises, WO3 Executive Committee

Tiffany James is the founder of Encouraging Touch Enterprise; she is an incredible encourager and gifted storyteller. She is a wife and a mother of three beautiful daughters, who are her world. Tiffany’s mission is to inspire women to own their voice, be their own type of beautiful, rock their greatness, while celebrating the greatness in other women.

Tiffany knows firsthand how hard it is to be the cheerleader behind your dreams, after deciding in 2007 when her corporate career came to end due to the economy, to pursue her passion of using her voice and writings to impact change. It has been a beautiful, exciting, and sobering journey. There have been many times over the years she found herself struggling with uncertainty from the many disappointments and considered giving up and returning to Corporate America, but thankfully during that time she had surrounded herself with strong women who believed in her dreams as much as she did. It is now her mission to be a voice of encouragement to women all over, regardless of the journey they are on, to be bold enough to answer the call of the dream.

Tiffany passionately and consistently achieves this mission through her writings, workshops, storytelling, encouragement coaching, speaking, and through her new, inspiring book, Living in the Land of I Am- Your Life Journey Reveals your Purpose. She teaches women that success is not defined by how many figures you make, but by the courage it takes to stay true to yourself while pursuing your purpose. Her mentoring motto, “Greatness is about serving others with the gift that God has given you.”


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